Stomping Where?

About a week ago, I went out to meet my BFF again for a catching-up session. We met at McDonald’s Dahlia, Q.C., and decided to move to a cozier venue. She then brought me to a walking distance cafe called Stomping Ground.

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Nais kong sulitin ang bilang sa kamay na mga buwan
Kung saan ko lagi-laging matatagpuan
Ang aming namuong pagmamahalan

Why and Facts

Why did I start this blog?

I am a foodie. I may be thin, but my stomach is the boss. I am fond of trying out new restaurants, cafes, and even streetfoods! I have a particular liking for Japanese cuisine. At times, Facebook videos inspire me to cook; however, I usually end up just watching the food sizzle on my screen, because we don’t have ingredients at home. I also happen to enjoy sharing my food experience with my friends, so I thought, why not share it to random people, interested on the same things/food, over the internet?

I am an adventurer (I wanted to say explorer, but DORA, so no). I let my feet take the lead, while my eyes gaze upon the sublime creations of God. I wanted to share my adventures with other wanderlusts out there. Hence, I thought of creating this blog to help my coexplorers by documenting my adventures —including photographs of the sceneries, transportation guide, and travel expense breakdown.

I am expressive. I often have something to say on various issues, may it be political or social, or I just do have thoughts that I cannot contain and would want to free from my brain. I love expressing myself through writing (specifically in form of poems). Most of the time, 140 characters on Twitter is not enough, thus, the writing section on my blog.

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Project Photo Dump

I’ll be dumping some old photographs of our previous out-of-town vacays for the next few days, probably. Most likely, there’ll be few or no captions at all for those posts, for I have forgotten most of the details those trips. Plus, there won’t be plenty of photos, since I wasn’t able to capture great photos […]

Registered Subject Cancellation

I have had difficulties writing formal letters, since I do not know how it should look and how I should start it. I know some of you also have experienced staring blankly at an empty Word document, trying to figure out how to formally express your intentions of, perhaps, cancelling a subject — especially when you’re already […]

Sablay Tracker

I made this for all the Iskolars ng Bayan out there wanting to have an organized compilation of their grades. Feel free to share this to your friends. Click on the text below to download the spreadsheet. Sablay Tracker Updated: 5 July 2016 – added feature: nonnumerical graded subject but counted in the total number of […]