To my 21 year old self

I write this to you as I am in the middle of various turning points in the last of my teenage years. I have three semesters left of my college life. I think I have met “the one”. I have figured out who my real friends are. Everything is clearer than it was before.

I can somehow feel the gradual transition from a scalar teenager into a vector young adult. I am excited, but also nervous for what life has yet to offer me. As wonderful as it may seem, all these will be frozen not long from now, for I will be migrating to the USA this August.

I brood more and more as the sand in my hourglass falls down bit by bit. I find myself in an inevitable situation.

I know you have somehow managed to figure things out by now, or I just hope so. But I am writing you this, because I want you to look back at how you were two years ago. You were confused and frustrated, but now, look at you. You have grown wiser, stronger, more passionate for the things you love.

Things may not be the same two years ago, you might have lost a friend or two, but somehow, I want you to realize that some things are better than it was. It will get even better as time goes by.

Honestly, I am hoping that you are still with him today, that both of you didn’t give up on each other. I would be delighted to know how strong you two must have grown together. But if you have drifted apart, I want you to wipe those tears away. Know that you are loved and valued by the One True King, the One who has always been there for you. Fret not for the time will come for that season.

I am also hoping that you are now back in the Philippines, continuing your academics. I expect you to be living with your cousin, as she starts her college life there, too. Just a little more perseverance here and there, you will finally deserve to wear that Sablay. But if not, if you have also given up on your Road to Sablay, remember that UP has taught you a lot of things. You have learned from your subjects, and also from your professors some values in life. You have discovered your capability to function without sleep. You have known some of the best human beings alive. You have loved your greatest. You have managed to keep yourself sane while waiting for your turn in the longest lines you’ve been in. You have also learned the importance of bringing an umbrella wherever you go, and leaving it outside when it rained risks its life. You have accustomed yourself to the flavors of different instant noodles and have figured out which to eat when. I can go all day writing about all the things UP has taught you, and the list would still go on; but I think the most important lesson you have with you, besides the love you have learned to have for your country, is Honor and (before) Excellence. I would have to commend you for that.

It might have been the roughest two years of your life, but remember, a rainbow only comes after the storm. I want you to learn from who you were to improve who you are today. You cannot change the past, but you can make a better future, a better you.

Now, keep your chin up, and strut your way to contentment and success.

Your 19 year old self

P.S. Happy birthday!


Stomping Where?

About a week ago, I went out to meet my BFF again for a catching-up session. We met at McDonald’s Dahlia, Q.C., and decided to move to a cozier venue. She then brought me to a walking distance cafe called Stomping Ground.

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Why and Facts

Why did I start this blog?

I am a foodie. I may be thin, but my stomach is the boss. I am fond of trying out new restaurants, cafes, and even streetfoods! I have a particular liking for Japanese cuisine. At times, Facebook videos inspire me to cook; however, I usually end up just watching the food sizzle on my screen, because we don’t have ingredients at home. I also happen to enjoy sharing my food experience with my friends, so I thought, why not share it to random people, interested on the same things/food, over the internet?

I am an adventurer (I wanted to say explorer, but DORA, so no). I let my feet take the lead, while my eyes gaze upon the sublime creations of God. I wanted to share my adventures with other wanderlusts out there. Hence, I thought of creating this blog to help my coexplorers by documenting my adventures —including photographs of the sceneries, transportation guide, and travel expense breakdown.

I am expressive. I often have something to say on various issues, may it be political or social, or I just do have thoughts that I cannot contain and would want to free from my brain. I love expressing myself through writing (specifically in form of poems). Most of the time, 140 characters on Twitter is not enough, thus, the writing section on my blog.

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Project Photo Dump

I’ll be dumping some old photographs of our previous out-of-town vacays for the next few days, probably. Most likely, there’ll be few or no captions at all for those posts, for I have forgotten most of the details those trips. Plus, there won’t be plenty of photos, since I wasn’t able to capture great photos […]

Registered Subject Cancellation

I have had difficulties writing formal letters, since I do not know how it should look and how I should start it. I know some of you also have experienced staring blankly at an empty Word document, trying to figure out how to formally express your intentions of, perhaps, cancelling a subject — especially when you’re already […]