Lights, CAFFERA, Action!

I have been in a long distance relationship with my best friend, since I started studying at UPLB. We have been quite preoccupied by, well mostly, our academics. She’s taking a pre-med course, while I’m taking up a degree I do not really like. Anyhow, last January, we had the chance to catch up, before I embark my journey on a new semester. She suggested to go to Maginhawa Street  — the home of numerous restaurants and cafes  — a perfect hangout locus.

Caffera 01

We first went to Friuli Trattoria for pizza, then while strolling along the pavements of Maginhawa Street, my best friend recalled a camera-themed cafe located nearby.


2/F Dona Zenona Suites, 54 Maginhawa St. cor. Mahusay, UP Village

Upon arrival at Caffera, I noticed most of the customers were students. Some were having great time checking out the theme of the cafe, while some seemed to work on their academics. I guess my best friend and I were the former.

Caffera 02
I ordered a pixel Caramel Frapperture, which was served in a camera lens glass/cup/mug/idk.

The drink itself was nice. The whipped cream was above average, I loved it, actually. They also topped their frappes with tiny edible cameras. The price range of their frappes is not much different from Starbucks.

While their drinks brought satisfaction to me, the place itself was picture-perfect. Every corner of the cafe is Instagrammable. They have old cameras that you can take from a wall rack and take a picture with.

Caffera 03
Yes, like this one.

They also had a table with cameras, which had light bulbs inside.

Caffera 04
Perfect for that feeling-commercial-model photograph (that’s my best friend)

Oh, and a quoted wall!

Caffera 05
Some quote to live by.

The cafe has a book shelf, for those book worms seeking to have their caffeine accompanied. They also have an elevated area where you can sit on the floor, for a comfier experience at Caffera.

Apparently, I have not saved other pictures of this cafe. You can just search Google to see more of Caffera, or better yet, go see the place for yourself.



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