Pebbled Shore of Batangas

It was an early Friday morning, while I was staring at my reviewer for my final exam this semester, when a spontaneous idea popped inside my head.

I wanted to go to Batangas and have a quick dip in the salt waters. So right after my exam, I went straight to an internet cafe to look for a nice resort in Batangas. After minutes of searching, I found a barangay in Lobo, Batangas called Malabrigo. It is at the bottom of Batangas, and is known for its noteworthy shore. Nope, it’s not a white fine sand beach, it’s a pebbled beach!

Malabrigo 01j
Took this as Punta Malabrigo Resort, and I apologize for the low quality photo. I only took it from my Instagram account (I deleted the photos from my phone for some reason)

It took me about 5 hours to get to Punta Malabrigo Resort from Los Banos, Laguna. The trip was even longer than my stay at the resort itself!

The day tour/entrance fee to the resort is only 100 php, and the staff there were hospitable and accommodating. I asked for their contact number, and they gave me their calling card. They have air-conditioned and fan rooms, but I’ve also deleted their room rates. So for further information regarding the Punta Malabrigo Resort, you may contact them through these numbers: +63 9 16 558 8487 / +639 09 782 9630

Besides the pebbled shore of Malabrigo, the locus also has a beautiful lighthouse, which I unfortunately wasn’t able to see due to the lack of time. Plus, the resorts you’ll be passing by before getting to Punta Malabrigo offer Scuba Diving. So for those who are planning to visit Malabrigo, I suggest you go to earlier and to stay overnight to explore more of Malabrigo.

Here’s a fare breakdown from Los Banos for those intellectual souls in need of an academic break:


I don’t have a detailed fare breakdown on how to get back to LB, because a very nice lady, whom I sat next to on the jeepney from Lobo to SM Batangas and who happened to have a son also studying at UPLB, decided to drive me to Lipa for a safer journey back to Turbina.

I’ll probably update this post if I get the chance to travel back to Malabrigo, since I wasn’t able to explore much of the place and I’ve deleted my photos.


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