PPD: Ilocos

There will be two parts of this post, since I have been to Ilocos twice.

November 2013

Vacation with my mother

Where we lodged
We hired Kuya Boyet as our tour guide throughout the trip.
Dining area of the resort
Such a lovely room (actually tig-isa kami ni Mommy ng kama)
The bathroom


March 2014

HUM 2 Field Trip

My view from our room

Ilocos is also known for its preserved historical infrastructures and artifacts. If you’re about to spend a long weekend there, don’t forget to visit some of these places:

Vigan’s famous street at night (keep in mind that they follow a strict curfew)

We had no time to stroll around the place in the morning since we had our field trip itinerary to follow. Oh, also try Ilocos’ famous longganiza!

You may want to visit the churches, too. (I forgot the names of these churches.)

Last but never the least…

Bangui Windmills

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