PPD: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

May 2014

IMG_0183 (800x591)
Yes, it was a family trip.


IMG_0217 (800x600)
So, this was where we stayed for two nights, I think.
IMG_0643 (600x800)


IMG_0651 (800x600)
Room with my mom


IMG_0237 (800x600)
Island hopping day


IMG_0251 (800x600)
Our first stop
IMG_0253 (800x600)

IMG_0243 (800x600)
Fish feeding area (We fed them bread buns)


IMG_0347 (800x600)
We had lunch at Isla Pandan.
IMG_0338 (800x600)

IMG_0339 (800x600)


I’m not quite sure whether the use of these rides were for free or not.

We went to a few more islands, I think, but I didn’t happen to have photos.



The following day, we went to the Underground River.

IMG_0410 (800x594)

IMG_0412 (600x800)
I had to take off my shoes, or else it’ll get wet. Nobody advised me to wear flipflops, so yeah.

IMG_0420 (800x600)
Tourists are required to wear hard hats and life vests before entering the Underground River for, of course, safety purposes.
IMG_0434 (800x600)


I won’t be including the photos inside the river/cave, since our camera isn’t that expensive to be able to capture majestic photos inside the murky cave. It was beautiful, though, and smelly inside (because of the bat feces).


IMG_0551 (800x600)
The famous tamilok (a worm(?) found in mangroves)


IMG_0556 (800x600)
Rock formation climbing (they had a term for it, I forgot what)

IMG_0596 (600x800)
That’s my cousin, she was 10 years old back then.
IMG_0597 (600x800)

IMG_0598 (600x800)

IMG_0630 (800x600)
The view at top of the rock formation was breath-taking, and there’s my mom.

How did we get down from there? They have a zip line (which of course, you also have to pay for). It was actually scary to ride a zip line from the top of this rock formation, because as you can see from this photo, the altitude of the rock formation was indeed high.

I think this is the last of my PPD posts. I sure hope that there will be more adventures to come soon, and I’ll be sure to document them all (with photos and expense/budget breakdowns).



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