Stomping Where?

About a week ago, I went out to meet my BFF again for a catching-up session. We met at McDonald’s Dahlia, Q.C., and decided to move to a cozier venue. She then brought me to a walking distance cafe called Stomping Ground.

It was my first time to visit a customer-friendly (by customer friendly, I mean cozy) cafe. I have always wanted to hang-out in one. Anyhow, here’s their affordable menu:

The staff were friendly, too!



I was able to take some (poorly angled) photos of the place.

They had books and board games. Just perfect for a quick escape from academics! (The place is surrounded by several schools within the area.)
Semi-cubicles for a more private conversation with friends, and I think there are about three floors of cubicles there, not sure though since the area was closed when we got there.
View from upstairs
The other side


We sat on the area where we had to remove our footwear for a comfier food experience.


For the food, since we’re just a pair and we already ate at McDonald’s, we only ordered three from the menu.

This one, I think, is new since it wasn’t actually in the menu yet. Oh, and don’t worry about the marshmallows. You can have them reheated by the staff if ever it gets solidified.
By best friend’s order: Mix Vegetable Omelet with Hash Brown, Grilled Tomato and Toasted Bread. HEALTHY!
Some Homecut Fries with Ranch Dressing. It was actually a bit spicy, idk why.


Caught on cam! BFF taking photos for Instagram, haha.



Finally, yes, the place and the food is actually Instagrammable.



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