Stomping Where?

About a week ago, I went out to meet my BFF again for a catching-up session. We met at McDonald’s Dahlia, Q.C., and decided to move to a cozier venue. She then brought me to a walking distance cafe called Stomping Ground.

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Lights, CAFFERA, Action!

I have been in a long distance relationship with my best friend, since I started studying at UPLB. We have been quite preoccupied by, well mostly, our academics. She’s taking a pre-med course, while I’m taking up a degree I do not really like. Anyhow, last January, we had the chance to catch up, before I embark my journey on a new semester. She suggested to go to Maginhawa Street  — the home of numerous restaurants and cafes  — a perfect hangout locus.

Caffera 01

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