Pebbled Shore of Batangas

It was an early Friday morning, while I was staring at my reviewer for my final exam this semester, when a spontaneous idea popped inside my head.

I wanted to go to Batangas and have a quick dip in the salt waters. So right after my exam, I went straight to an internet cafe to look for a nice resort in Batangas. After minutes of searching, I found a barangay in Lobo, Batangas called Malabrigo. It is at the bottom of Batangas, and is known for its noteworthy shore. Nope, it’s not a white fine sand beach, it’s a pebbled beach!

Malabrigo 01j
Took this as Punta Malabrigo Resort, and I apologize for the low quality photo. I only took it from my Instagram account (I deleted the photos from my phone for some reason)

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