Project Photo Dump

I’ll be dumping some old photographs of our previous out-of-town vacays for the next few days, probably. Most likely, there’ll be few or no captions at all for those posts, for I have forgotten most of the details those trips. Plus, there won’t be plenty of photos, since I wasn’t able to capture great photos […]

Registered Subject Cancellation

I have had difficulties writing formal letters, since I do not know how it should look and how I should start it. I know some of you also have experienced staring blankly at an empty Word document, trying to figure out how to formally express your intentions of, perhaps, cancelling a subject — especially when you’re already […]

Sablay Tracker

I made this for all the Iskolars ng Bayan out there wanting to have an organized compilation of their grades. Feel free to share this to your friends. Click on the text below to download the spreadsheet. Sablay Tracker Updated: 5 July 2016 – added feature: nonnumerical graded subject but counted in the total number of […]


Darating ang araw na ako’y iyong hindi na tatanungin Dahil sa isang iglap, lahat ay aayon na lamang sa hangin At sa pagkakataong iyon, ika’y ‘di na muling hahanap-hanapin Sapagkat ako na’y magiging sayo at ika’y magiging akin.